Our Team

We are experienced and skilled research team who work passionately and dedicatedly to make machines see.


Thanarat H. Chalidabhongse
With almost 30 years of research experience in the area of image processing and computer vision, Thanarat’s research interest includes image and video processing, human motion understanding, object detection and recognition, scene text analysis, medical imaging, and real-time vision.  Her background subtraction methods have been ones of the highly regarded methods in computer vision research community
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Email: thanarat.c@chula.ac.th

Punnarai Siricharoen
Punnarai received PhD in Computing Science and Engineering from Ulster University, United Kingdom. Her research interests focus on image processing, machine learning and mobile applications for agricultural applications, education, intelligent transportation system, and emergency management. A number of projects are established as universities-industry collaborations. She is keen to leverage technologies to create a positive impact on society.
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Email: punnarai.s@chula.ac.th
Thananop Kobchaisawat
Thananop received PhD in Computing Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand in 2020. His main research interests focus on computer vision, deep learning, scene text localization and recognition, text extraction, and computer vision at the edge deployment.
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Email: thananop.k@chula.ac.th

Graduate Students

Korranat Narruenatthanaset, MEng
Red Blood Cell Segmentation and Classification from Microscopic Images
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Email: korranat.n@gmail.com
Sahapol Tongsom
Project Name
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Email: sahapoltongsom9009@gmail.com
Attawit Chaiyaroj, MEng
Handwritten Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks on Thai Word Components
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Email: attawit.chaiyaroj@gmail.com

Nun Vanichkul
Confusion Detection from Facial Expression using Deep Neural Network
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Email: nun-03@hotmail.com

Undergrad Students